JAKs Warehouse – Family Fun Center

JAKs Warehouse – Family Fun Center – Complete Brand Development

JAKs Warehouse

JAK’s Warehouse is one of mixdesign’s well-rounded themed destination projects. From paint selections to menu boards, from attraction procurement to installation of interior furnishings and hand painting of every logo and door, our team worked diligently with JAK’s team for over a year creating every last detail of this 65,000 square foot warehouse of family fun. This process begin when the owners were selecting their site and the name. The process of name, tagline, demographic research, logo, theme, space plan, and interior look and feel were all part of the kick off development. On owners behalf our team embarked on attraction research, birthday university attendance and information / maintenance understanding to develop an experience that was as robust and perfect as possible. The end result was a warehouse of fun that embodies everything imaginable under one roof with a design that is able to be economically recreated into a franchise package upon sales and operational success. The additional tools included website development, social media launch, grand opening celebration planning, birthday party package design, employee apparel and retail shop design and apparel. Three years later JAK’s Warehouse and family fun center is a thriving NW Indiana community must do.

Working with our clients at Jak’s Warehouse was overall unique experience for mixdesign. We were able to bring their story to life, by first pitching multiple general themes. Due to the nature of their business, once the general theme was selected, it opened the flood gates and the elements designed by our team came together almost effortlessly to create their brand. Branding this fun center was just as much fun as playing there.Alex Ross, mixdesign Assistant Creative Director
Architecture and Exterior
Floor Plans and Laser Tag
Party Rooms, Painting, Materials
Party Rooms, Materials, Painting, Signage
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JAKs Skytrail
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JAKs Second Floor View
Floors, Materials, Painting
Floor Painting
Forklift Foodcourt
All the Details
Tshirts and Gear
Materials Signage
Gift Shop
JAK the Mascot
Laser Maze
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